Flexa and Lynx Opening event near Hannover
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Flexa and Lynx Opening event near Hannover

On May 11th, 2023 Flexa and Lynx will unite and open their doors to the new showroom in Hannover, Germany.

Some big changes are happening on Flexa's 30th anniversary, one of them being the new event in Germany. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with experts, to learn more about automatic cutting solutions, lamination, DTF solutions and software, color management, and Pantone matching.

“We have been in the market for decades. Germany for us is an important market and this is an excellent opportunity to show Flexa equipment all year round,” says Philipp Klinger, CEO of Lynx Deutschland GMBH. Lynx is an innovative and dynamic agency operating in the digital printing, textile finishing, and converting industry.

During the event, we will showcase the latest in finishing equipment, with live demonstrations of:

· FLEXA Easy Air laminator,

· FLEXA Miura Plus automatic XY cutter,

· FLEXA TGE roll cutter

· DTF Speedline and Compactline

· Printfactory DTF Edition

The MIURA PLUS is a high-performing automatic cutting machine. It combines horizontal and vertical knives to cut roll to sheet and, thanks to the edge control system guarantees extremely high precisions. Mirko Gianni, Flexa Sales executive, comments, “It is a versatile machine that can be located offline or online in a finishing processing line of any kind. Miura can cut all kinds of materials in rolls, just to list a few: laminating film, digital prints, non-woven fabric, and of course, wallpaper.”

The office is in Ditterker Weg13, 30989 Gehrden.