Sonicut 400
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Professional ultrasonic cutting and sealing system for fabric. It allows to have straight cutting and free hand-probe cutting (curves and different shapes).


  • Safe, fast and precise system of low energy consumption that guarantees professional results
  • It allows to have straight cutting with the proper guiding bars and freel hand-probe cutting (curves and different shapes) on fabrics
  • It cuts and seals simultaneously (40.000 vibrations per second) by getting fabric edges clean and smooth
  • Odor-free, it causes no damage to the material compared to the hot cutting
  • Ready-to-use unit: simply plug in the power cable, no need of settings, or selecting power levels. Everything is adjusted automatically
  • No warm up time, no cool down is needed. It requires no special cleaning


  • Fabric
  • Non-woven fabric (polyester, nylon, acrilic)

Sonicut 400

Ultrasonic cutting and sealing system

Sonicut 400 Technical Specs

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Generator dimensions (W x D x H) 180 x 350 x 240 mm (7 x 14 x 10 in.)
Power Supply 230 V - 240 V - 110 V - 40 Hz - 400 W
Weight 13 kg (28 lb.)