CWT Regular
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Flatbed Laminator designed for the application of foil and all types of self-adhesive vinyl, transfer film, cold lamination and mounting of images on panels. Especially suitable for sign making (road signs, too).




  • Flatbed applicator that guarantees the best results for efficiency and quality; it is ergonomic, easy-to-use, precise and safe
  • Affordable solution to increase the productivity of operators of visual communication and digital printing as the road sign makers
  • Tempered glass top
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Side pockets
  • Roll holder for glide beam
  • OPTION:Extra lower roll holder
  • OPTION: Table top roll holder
  • OPTION: Electrical height adjustment
  • OPTION: LED illumination
  • OPTION: Second glide beam


  • Flexible media
  • Boards
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • PVC Banners
  • Wide format graphics for exhibitions and events
  • Road signs
  • Many more..

CWT Regular Technical Specs

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CWT 2147 CWT 1640 CWT 1630
Width of working area/Roller width 2050 mm (6ft. 9in.) 1560 mm (5ft. 1,5in.) 1560 mm (5ft. 1,5in.)
Capacity Fino a 180m2/h (1940sq. ft/h) 140 m2/h (1500sq. ft/h) Up to 120 m2/h (1290sq. ft/h)
Table lenght 4700mm (15ft. 5in.) 4000mm (13ft. 4in.) 3000mm (9ft. 1in.)
Table width 2100 mm (6ft. 11in.) 1600 mm (5ft. 3in.) 1600 mm (5ft. 3in.)
Length of working area 4260 mm (14ft.) 3560 mm (11ft. 8in.) 2560 mm (8ft. 5in.)
Overall width 2330 (7ft. 8in.) 1810 (5ft. 11in.) 1810 (5ft. 11in.)
Overall height 1620 mm (5ft. 4in.) 1620 mm (5ft. 4in.) 1620 mm (5ft. 4in.)
Max. thickness of substrate 0-70 mm (0-2.8in.) 0-70 mm (0-2.8in.) 0-70 mm (0-2.8in.)
Power Supply 230V/50Hz (10A)
120V/60Hz 15A)
230V/50Hz (10A)
120V/60Hz 15A)Only when including Premium upgrade kit
230V/50Hz (10A)
120V/60Hz 15A)Only when including Premium upgrade kit
Work height 776-994 mm (2ft. 7in.-3ft 1in.) 776-994 mm (2ft. 7in.-3ft 1in.) 776-994 mm (2ft. 7in.-3ft 1in.)
Packing dimensions (W x L x H) 4940 x 560 x 2300 mm (16ft. 2,4in. x 1,8ft. 10in. x 7ft. 7in.) 4940 x 560 x 2100 mm (16ft. 2,4in. x 1,8ft. 10in. x 7ft. 1in.) 3550 x 560 x 2300 mm (11ft. 8in. x 1ft. 10in. x 7ft. 6in.)
Working height adjustment Manual Manual Manual
Required air pressure 6-8 bar (87-116 psi) 6-8 bar (87-116 psi) 6-8 bar (87-116 psi)
Net weight 750 kg (1653 lbs) 500 kg (1102 lbs) 380 kg (838 lbs)
Gross weight 970 kg (2138 lbs) 655 kg (1444 lbs) 525 kg (1157 lbs)