Easy Flow
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Integrated system for print finishing that allows you to laminate and XY cut directly from the material roll in one single workflow.


  • Integrated system for print finishing from Flexa. It allows you to laminate and XY cut formats directly from the material roll in one singel workflow
  • Perfect solution for everyone, even on non-industrial applications, taht ensures high quality results, in a fast way and offers great simplicity to use
  • It works with rolls up to 160 cm width
  • It consists of 3 different Flexa devices: 1) Easy Lite 160 laminator; 2) Extrim 160 electric trimmer; 3) Easy Flow connector: this is the device which connects the two machines allowing the automatic transfer of the media from Easy Lite 160 directly on to the cutter Extrim 160
  • How it works: rhe roll of printed material is loaded on the laminator Easy Lite 160. Followed by the lamination of the image with protective film in the traditional system. At the output from the lamination, the material is trimmed longitudinally by cutting blades integrated in the Easy Flow Connector. At the end, the system automatically reads the cropmarks on the print and makes a transversal cut with Extrim 160 providing a final product ready and tailor-cut
  • Optional: Flexa table to receive the discharge of ready and finished materials
  • The machines can be used as stand-alone systems for traditional cutting and laminating
  • The system is very easy to be loaded with material and set up


  • Flexible media
  • Paper
  • Adhesive PVC
  • PVC Banner
  • Canvas
  • Different fabrics

Easy Flow Technical Specs

Working width 1600 mm (63 in.)
Dimensions (W x L x H) 2300 x 1640 x 1700 mm
(90 x 64 x 67 in.)
Max. roll diameter 250 mm (9,8 in.)
Max. roll weight 70 kg (154 lb.)