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Fast and practical system to realize three-dimensional tags and labels. It uses an environmentally friendly UV single-component resin, not dangerous for the user. Innovative doming system to give a nice and brilliant 3D effect fnishing to PVC labels, adhesive media and other traditionally printed materials

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  • Innovative doming system to give a nice and brilliant 3D effect fnishing to PVC labels of any shapes and dimensions, adhesive media and other traditionally printed materials
  • How it works: the UV single-component resin is applied on the material through the dispenser and is dried thanks to UV lamps of the oven
  • Time saving: you just need to press a button to start-up and shutdown the system
  • No waste of resin, nozzles and scraps of plastic cartridges
  • Excellent flexibility of the product treated with resin even for a subsequent application on curved surfaces
  • Easy-to use and safe for the operator, no need of cleaning at the end of the job, no need of maintenance



Suitable for professional use and large production. Composed of: UV oven, 2 trays, computerized dispenser


Starter kit suitable for testing the system. Composed of: mini UV dryer, 1 siringe UV block, resin (1/2 kg)


  • Ready to use, no mixing of components required
  • Transparent and very viscous with lens effect guaranteed
  • Drying time: only 12 minutes
  • Average yield per cm2: about 0,2 gr.
  • Yellowing resistant
  • Exellent moisture resistance with no bubbles in the resin
  • Can be stored up to 18 months in the original sealed can, keeping the same density
  • Absence of heavy materials, in line with the European regulations


  • PVC or polyester labels
  • Adhesive media
  • Metal dog tags
  • Pins
  • Printed materials
  • Many more..


Uv doming system

Flexadome Technical specs

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Maximum width of the sheet for the UV Oven 300 x 400 mm (12 x 16 in.)
Oven dimensions (W x D x H) 850 x 460 x 300 mm (33 x 18 x 12 in.)
Oven Supply 230/240 V- 50/60 Hz - 150 W
Oven weight 40 kg (88 lb.)
Maximum pression of the Dispenser 6 bar
Dispenser supply 230/240 V- 50/60 Hz - 100 W
Dispenser dimensions (W x D x H) 330 x 260 x 600 mm (13 x 10 x 23 in.)
Dispenser weight 4 kg (9 lb.)
Total packing dimensions
Oven + Dispenser (W x D x H)
1050 x 750 x 900 mm (41 x 29 x 35 in.)
Total weight Oven + Dispenser 50 kg (110 lb.)