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With Miura we cut large-format graphics in a very short time!

Ato - Italy

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"With Miura we cut large-format graphics in a very short time!"

"Since we have been working with the Miura cutter we have optimized the cutting process of printed rolls" says Paolo Miramondi of the company Ato Srl (http://www.atoweb.net/) of Cesano Boscone (Milan).

Ato Srl has been operating for more than twenty-five years in the field of large-format and high-quality digital printing, producing flexible, rigid and semi-rigid materials for visual communication, plexiglas supports and signs.

The company prints large volumes of self-adhesive vinyl to decorate large walls of gyms, kindergartens, schools and shops.

In order to respond quickly to the delivery of this material Ato needed to speed up the cutting of the printed rolls: "Before we trimmed by hand meters of rolls, taking a long time to make the precise cut" says Paolo Miramondi and continues: "Today with the purchase of Miura we solved this problem! The machine automatically cuts laminated large format graphics in a very short time printed on a self-adhesive vinyl roll; all of this always with the utmost precision and without waste of material!"

Ato also manufactures methacrylate displays that are folded and processed with our PGM, as plexiglas displays. In this time it produces many protective barriers to meet the needs of security post COVID-19 and much more!


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Miura Plus

Automatic XY cutter for flexible media with automatic vertical cutting correction. It combines horizontal and vertical cutting for the fastest finish for your printed and unprinted rolls.
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The new Flexa brand for the digital printing finishing

XPRO is the new Flexa brand for medium and small digital printing professionals looking for entry-level solutions to speed up the finishing process of different media.
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