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The choice to regenerate the Flexa laminator delivered several benefits

Serigrafia Diemme - Italy

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"We are satisfied with the professionalism and service provided by Flexa"  

Serigrafia Diemme, a leading company in the field of screen printing, pad printing, and digital printing, has chosen to partner with Flexa Srl to enhance the quality of its machinery. One of the many machines provided by Flexa is the EASY 160 laminator, acquired in 2007. This laminator enables the company to precisely and quickly laminate various materials, including the membrane keypad in the electrocontrol.

Francesco Polese, Flexa's Service Manager, explains, "Serigrafia Diemme approached us for a diagnosis of their laminator, ensuring minimal machine downtime. After a thorough evaluation, within two days, we delivered a fully regenerated laminator."

Niccolò De Vido, Director of Serigrafia Diemme, states, "Rollers were replaced, alignment corrections were made, and a general maintenance of all mechanical and electrical parts was performed. We were pleasantly surprised by the end result and are satisfied with the professionalism and service provided by Flexa."

Flexa can indeed repair, restore, and regenerate its machines to ensure their proper functionality. The regeneration of Flexa equipment offers numerous advantages: allowing companies to further extend the lifespan of their equipment, reducing material waste, and minimizing environmental impact.

Flexa Srl serves as an example of how companies can embrace the circular economy and integrate it into their services. The regeneratability and reusability of Flexa machines are thus an added value for companies aiming to be competitive and sustainable in the digital printing sector.


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