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5 reasons to choose the domed labels instead of the ones traditionally printed!

The domed labels are the perfect tool to promote with success your brand or product and to stand out from the competitors.


But what are exactly the domed labels? They are labels printed on adhesive paper and then cut according to personalized shape and size. A small quantity of resin is applied on them and once the resin is become hard a brilliant three-dimensional final effect is guaranteed.


Below we suggest you 5 reasons to choose the domed labels instead of the ones printed traditionally:


  • The domed labels and stickers have a great aesthetic impact with soft and pleasant touch
  • They give to your graphic a three-dimensional effect compared to the traditional printed materials
  • The doming effect enhances the brightness of the colors and protects the print making it last for a long time
  • The doming is a scratch-resistant coating with no yellowing effect
  • An elegant and quality tool to emphasize your brand or product such as machinery, cars and more.


You can realize THREE-DIMENSIONAL domed labels or stickers with easy-to-use DOMING SYSTEMS.


We at Flexa have designed an easy-to-use solution that allows to use a ready to use single-component resin, that does not need to be mixed; once open it lasts for one year.


So if you want to boost your image and catch the attention of the crowd you need to have among your promotional tools the domed labels.