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Professional heavy-duty equipment for converters. It allows slitting of rolls and rewinding log rolls of different materials, in an extremely precise and easy way.

Thanks to the flag shaft the reel-change over is extremely quick, increasing the daily productivity; this makes it particularly suitable for medium and large productions.

This roll-slitter can be used for materials of the visual communication and other materials such as double-sided adhesive, application tape and even textiles.

Smart Remote Service: Tesis Flag can be connected to the internet network for remote assistance, for fast and efficient diagnostic.





  • Designed to slit rolls of different heights rapidly and accurately according to the requirements
  • Double function: material length counter & roll slitter all in one machine (two separate functions)
  • No waste of material: Intuitive graphic design of the software to set the cutting width and the rewound length. Pneumatic cutting at the end of the material rewinding operation 
  • High productivity: the flag shaft allows a quick loading and unloading of the rolls, reducing the working time 
  • Easy to use: the touch screen display has an intuitive set up of cutting and rewinding parameters
  • Time saving: the working parameters can be modified according to the needs to optimize cutting cycles
  • Low maintenance costs: Tesis Flag has low maintenance costs

  • Smart Remote System: tesis Flag can be connected to the internet network for remote assistance, for fast and efficient diagnostics

  • Made in Italy: designed and manufactured completely in Italy


  • Vinyl film / Coloured film / Textile /Reflective material
  • Application-tape / Double sided adhesive
  • Paper / Mesh
  • Polyethylene/ Polypropylene 
  • Many more..

Tesis Flag

Roll-slitter with integrated rewinder

Tesis Flag Technical Specs

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Working width 1750 mm (69 in)
Internal core of the roll Ø 76 mm (3 in.)
Maximum external roll diameter Ø 260 mm (10 in.)
Electric rotation of the spindle from 0 to 370 rpm
Power Supply 400 V (3 P) - 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x L x H) 2700 x 1050 x 1750 mm (106 x 41 x 69 in)
Packing dimensions (W x L x H) 3050 x 1310 x 1860 mm (120 x 51 x 73 in)
Weight 490 kg (1080 lbs)
Packing weight 690 kg (1521 lbs)