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Flexa Miura & Océ Colorado helped us to expand our business plan!”  

Malvis s.r.o. is a young company focusing on sale and exclusive supply of wallpapers and canvases of the Murando DeLuxe brand from the multinational manufacturer Artgeist.

After years of experience, the company needed to become independent and flexible in the production and cutting of wallpaper and canvas. This created the need to find a suitable technology and supplier.


Malvis contacted COMIMPEX PRINT, a technology supplier, with a tender based on the recommendations of colleagues in the field. COMIMPEX PRINT s.r.o. deals with the sale of technologies and materials for signmaking with a focus on large-format digital printing and is a distributor of Flexa equipment in The Czech Republic.


Production and Quality printing Colorado combined with Flexa Cutting Technology


Malvis were looking for technology that would ensure production and quality printing. Printing with a wide durable color gamut meeting the standards of CE, ASTM, AgBB, GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold certifications.

Subsequently, they needed technology to format these prints in order to maintain productivity and, of course, cutting accuracy, which is important in the further processing of canvases and the application of final wallpapers.


An interesting solution


"Both, ie. printing and cutting were successful. Printer OCÉ Colorado 1640 is 1.6 m wide, which allows us to print two images side by side. We also use unique possibility of printing out of two rolls, when a smooth change of rolls and continued printing undoubtedly increase our productivity. Another big bonus for us was washability of wallpapers and canvases when OCÉ Colorado 1640 is the only printing technology on the market that allows their prints to be washed with water and is even resistant to acetone. This increases the utility value of our products".


"Formatting technology Flexa Miura Plus it is also 1.6 m wide and is therefore fully compatible with the printing device. Thanks to the adjustments of the cutting groups we can fully adapt the cut to the required dimensions of the final products" says Malvis.

"By combining both of these technologies, we succeed in fulfilling the capacity of the machines that helps us to expand our business plan . We are already dealing with dozens of orders a day. I firmly believe that we will transfer our dreams of quality and well-done work to the end user, who will be satisfied with our products and will be happy to return to us".


Delivery and installation took place to our satisfaction


Due to COVID-19, the logistic of the Flexa Miura Plus was a bit hectic, as the technology was taken from Italy at the time of its biggest crisis. However, everything, including the installation, was handled and went without any problems.


Fast negotiations and excellent cooperation


"I was pleasantly surprised by the personal meeting of the sales director, Mrs. Jana Dostalova. She offered us a suitable solution immediately and practically to measure. During the coronavirus crisis, we purchased the recommended OCÉ Colorado 1640 and Flexa Miura Plus technologies, and I am thrilled with the accuracy with which both devices work".

I am glad that COMIMPEX PRINT won our tender. A good company is made by good people and I found a good business partner here.


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