30 years of innovation and passion!
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Flexa: 30 years of innovation and passion!

The anniversary marks the Flexa brand's vitality

At the foot of the Venetian Pre-Alps, in the hills of Conegliano, a UNESCO site famous for prosecco winery stands Flexa with its entrepreneurial vitality. An Italian technological gem, well-known in the world turns 30 this year. Traffic signs, billboards, and wallpaper are just a few digital printed solutions that may be finished with Flexa equipment.


The founder Massimo Vettorazzo tells how it all started in 1993 with a challenging project: creating a laminator that could mount new adhesive film. “We focus heavily on R&D, creating unique and innovative products. One of the company's distinctive factors is our customer care, which led us to offer more than 200 pieces of equipment and an all-around service. Innovation, reliability, and solidity of our solutions are the result of important corporate teamwork and partnership with suppliers,” says Massimo Vettorazzo.

The winning value of the company over the years is the strong relationship of trust established with customers and employees. “We consider the constant intellectual and professional growth of our team to be decisive for the success of Flexa, which is why we started the Flexa Academy, an essential training for our collaborators,” says Massimo Vettorazzo.


The 30th-anniversary marks the Flexa brand's vitality, characterized by constant launches of new products on the market, capable of improving and advancing the digital printing industry in terms of quality, volume, and productivity.