Any problems trimming your posters?
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Do you find yourself to trim four side posters or wide-format media and taking too much time?

You can speed up the process by using an ELECTRIC TRIMMER.

  • An electric trimmer cuts up to 8 times faster than a cutting bar and up to 4 times faster than a manual cutter
  • Save money: just one operator can do the work, even with wide format media
  • Great quality of the finished product: higher cutting accuracy and precision than a manual cutter


With our electric trimmer EXTRIM you can save time and money with excellent quality results:

  • Zero maintenance: thanks to the self-sharpening circular blade that does not need to be changed
  • Zero waste of material thanks to the Accu View function that guarantees CUTTING PRECISION
  • Easy to use even to trim wide format media
  • Long lasting: built with industrial materials suitable for intensive use