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Have always available different lengths of rolls on request!

If you are a small or medium seller of films and other flexible rolled rolls, you know that it is important to convert them in shorter length rolls according to the different needs!

A REWINDER designed to reduce large master rolls into shorter length rolls is an easy and fast way to answer these needs!


Working with a REWINDER is:

  • Answering in real time to the inquiries of the customer
  • Diversifying the final product even on small quantities
  • Obtaining rolls of desiderd sizes  
  • Being flexible when rewinding different materials


Why would you choose our MASTER ROLL 150?

  • Intuitive and simple graphic interface
  • Production efficiency: zero waste of material thanks to the setting of desired length
  • Versatility of materials such as vinyl films, colored films, reflective materials, protective films with liner, paper, wallpaper, PVC banner and many more..
  • Compact machine suitable for small spaces