Let's start with safety!
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Let's start with safety!

Let's keep the working places safe thanks to the plexiglas® guards and a correct visual communication!


What's important today when you go to the supermarket, pharmacy, bank or your workplace?

Safety and protection!

Let's start to produce with our equipment safety measures to protect against the spread of the Corona virus . With Flexa solutions you can:

  • create plexiglas® barriers or partitions at checkout counters thanks to our motorized vertical saw DOGMA for cutting plexiglas® sheets of desidered sizes or thanks to our heating units PGM for bending plexiglas® sheets to create protective screens. 
  • protect the floor and window graphics: educational floor decals can promote physical distancing at check lanes and other counters so make sure to protect them by laying the protective film with our EASY LITE  laminator.


You can also create rolls of desidered sizes with no waste of material for your floor or window graphics by choosing our ROLL SLITTERS.