Quickly cut wallpaper with pinpoint precision!
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Quickly cut wallpaper with pinpoint precision!


5 reasons to choose an automatic XY cutter for wallpaper.


The wallpaper is a growing trend used for the customization of private environments, but also of commercial and corporate spaces.

The development of a wide variety of finishes with innovative technical performance and construction materials combined with the high quality of digital printing has made its use a predominant trend in interior decoration.
Thanks to the strong customization achieved with digital printing, the reproduction of images and graphic patterns on wallpaper is performed with a quality equal to that of photography.


Professionals and manufacturers of digital printed wallpaper know how delicate it is to cut digital-printed wallpaper.

The wallpaper is applied to bands and if these are not cut perfectly straight once printed, the graphics will not match.


If wallpaper is cut manually you may find yourself in these situations:

  • Cut imperfections: One could face small imperfections and waste of material with a manual cut.
  • It takes forever to cut: It can take too long from printing to final delivery, and cutting could be the bottleneck.


How quickly cut wallpaper with pinpoint precision?

The automatic XY cutter helps you to solve these problems during the after- print phase.


Here below you can read 5 reasons to choose an automatic XY cutter for wallpaper:


  1. Maximum accuracy of the cut for perfect joints of pattern
  2. Zero waste of material
  3. High-quality finish with straight cut
  4. Automatization of the cutting process, ensuring fast delivery for your customers
  5. Productivity and flexibility increased in cutting various wallpaper supports


Watch the video and see how it works an automatic XY cutter:


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