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"With Flexa Easy Lite laminator the productivity of our company has increased by 50%"


“Since we purchased the Flexa laminator, the productivity of our company has increased by 50% compared the past and we can provide a rapid and absolute higly qualitative service” declares Daniele Vari, the owner of the Image of Company based in Anagni (Frosinone), Italy.


Image of Company was born in 2007 to care at 360​​° companies' look by offering integrated services in the communication in general, ranging from the creation and communication of the brand, to the decoration of company vehicles, to the personalized printing of panels and advertising banners and much more.


Image of Company needed not only to offer a printed and laminated product quickly, but also wanted to increase its internal production capacity to reach a greater number of customers.

“When we did not have a laminator, the job was delivered in 3/4 days now, with our Easy Lite, the times are shorter and we can satisfy the customer within 24 hours from the order!” says the owner of Image of Company.


Image of Company uses the Easy Lite to laminate self-adhesive vinyl, paper and other flexible media for the visual communcation. The machine is also used for mounting graphics on panels.


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