Material Guide
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Material Guide

The Keencut Material Guide is the perfect companion to any Keencut bench top cutter. Useful to position your material by creating an exact square edge in front of and at 90 degrees to the cutting machine.

It speeds up alignment and guarantees a precise cut.

It fixes independently onto a bench.


The Keencut Material Guide is ideal for rigid and flexible materials, particularly off-the-roll materials that tend to curl or move. The Guide also offers extra stability for tough boards to aid the cutting process.

The Guide has an easy-to-read imperial and metric scale.  A sliding stop sits against the top of the material; if you don't need the sliding stop, it just folds away.


  • Precisely positions material for an exact square edge

  • Speeds up alignment for a quicker cutting
  • Guarantees an accurate cut
  • Extra stability for tough boards
  • More control for flexible materials
  • Made with durable aluminium extrusion and the highest quality components
  • Precise, easy-to-read imperial and metric scale
  • It will fit on any bench of 18 mm (3/4″) thick or above
  • Simple to assemble and calibrate
  • Length 924mm (36.5″) long with a 900mm (35.5″) long squared edge


  • Vinyl
  • PVC foamboard up to 13 mm
  • Foamcentred board
  • PVC Banner
  • Pop-up & roll-up materials
  • Fabric
  • Stout paper and card
  • Corrugated cardboard and grey board
  • Many more...

Keencut Material Guide from Keencut on Vimeo.

Keencut Material installation Guide from Keencut on Vimeo.

Installation Guide Keencut Material Guide from Keencut on Vimeo.