Tesis R 1700-2300
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TESIS R 1700-2300

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Automatic sturdy and affordable roll-slitter for industrial use designed to be durable and satisfy high performing jobs. It allows to slit up log rolls of different sizes to obtein narrow reels.

Smart Remote Service: Tesis R can be connected to the internet network for remote assistance, for fast and efficient diagnostic.


  • Roll-slitter designed to slit rolls of different heights rapidly and accurately
  • The front unwinding shaft with brake allows rewinding log rolls converting new shorter lenght logs rolls of finished dimensions
  • Digital display of the cutting width and for rewound lenght (optional)
  • Digital display to stop the rewinding when the set dimension is reached
  • Easy loading device for heavy rolls changeover
  • Control system made by a PLC
  • Circular cutting blade Ø 315 mm (12 in.) with full protection with gradual uncovering during slitting process
  • Integrated lubrification system of the cutting blade


  • Vinyl fim
  • Coloured film
  • Reflective material
  • Application tape
  • Double-side adhesive
  • Protection film for lamination
  • Printing media material
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Many more...

Tesis R 1700-2300

Roll-slitter with rotating blade and log rewinder