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“Miura saves time and doubles capacity!” !

“Miura saves time and doubles capacity!” declares Mr. Stephan Nermfors of Trafikreflexer AB . The company is based in Sweden and is focused on the production of road signs and signs.


Trafikreflexer AB needed to improve and automate its cutting process of reflective film from roll to sheets in order to increase the daily production of road signs.

Thanks to the automatic XY cutter Miura the company can save a large amount of time and have more than doubled its capacity.


Previously, it took about 15 minutes to prepare and cut a roll into sheets, today with our Miura it takes about 5-7 minutes (depending on the length of the sheet)” says Mr. Stephan Nermfors. “It has saved a lot of time, and has been a good investment for us! We have cut about 140,000 pieces with this machine, and there has never been a problem”.


The machine is equipped with an air blowing system to simplify the coming out of the sheets to the collecting table.


“Thanks to Flexa we were able to get our Miura custom made with air blowing system, which makes it much easier when we cut our reflective materials” says Mr. Stephan Nermfors

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