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Instabilelab choses Flexa for its finishing!

Instabilelab is a Venetian company that offers cutting-edge wallpaper solutions, thanks to a team of professionals and designers. The company has managed to design wallpapers that are extremely versatile becoming objects of our homes. InstabileLab's creative laboratory has developed and created various collections for many environments, for example Fiber Glass and Fiber Tex. Thanks to the glass fabric with a warp texture with a tight weave, treated with Tex Dekor, (resin with specific properties), the wallpaper can be used for covering external walls and damp places, such as bathrooms.

Every detail is designed and created on site thanks to the help of various finishing technologies, in particular the MIURA PLUS automatic cutting system. With the MIURA automatic cutter, Instabilelab can cut with the outmost precision, with no waste of material and above all automating the cutting process. MIURA PLUS is the highly performing XY cutter for flexible materials with automatic vertical alignment. It combines the horizontal and vertical cutting of printed and unprinted rolls obtaining excellent results and high productivity. The optical sensor for automatic vertical alignment ensures maximum precision, an essential factor for wallpaper. The transversal cutting speed is adjustable from 5 to 120m / minute with a self-sharpening blade thus ensuring limited machine stops.

Some details handmade by Instabilelab are performed with a manual table top cutter KEENCUT Evolution, created to be positioned on any work table allowing a precise cut of various flexible and rigid materials. The convenience of the lifting mechanism allows the alignment and trimming of the bulky pieces with ease.

"MIURA is able to easily manage the output of numerous printers without any problem" says Stefano Marin, of the production department, adding  "Miura: it's a great help!".


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