PVC banner welding, fabric welding
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PVC banner welding, fabric welding


5 top reasons to choose a welding machine with impulse technology.


The impulse welding technology is really innovative to weld PVC banner and other materials, it is not dangerous for the operator and environmentally safe as there is no exposure to any electrical field.

It is a great alternative to the traditional welding systems or to the high-frequency.  Thanks to this technology the welding is uniform, without pleads and long lasting.

With an impulse welding machine you can weld advertising banners such as PVC or roll-up banners printed in digital, but also tarpaulins for trucks and vehicles in general, tarpaulins that can be used as camping accessories for campers and caravans, tanks or swimming pools covers and more.
In the field of visual communication and advertising (soft signage) it is also suitable to weld the fabric (cotton or polyester) and make flags, banners, wall covering used for the furnishing of commercial activities.

It is also ideal for materials like latex, Teflon and silicone impregnated materials, canvas, mesh, Kristal and many more.

The Apollo 155 welding machine is the best solution to weld media without showing any joints in a very short cycle time. The welding is accurate and does not damage the material even if printed. With Apollo 155 you can weld two overlapping flaps of material between them, or create the hem pocket used as reinforcement.


These are the top 5 reasons to choose the Apollo 155 impulse welding machine:


  1. INNOVATIVE IMPULSE TECHNOLOGY: completely environmentally safe as there is no exposure to any electromagnetic field
  2. UNIFORMITY OF WELDING even after many working cycles, thanks to the precise control of temperature, pressure and time
  3. VARIETY OF MEDIA: ideal for welding PVC banner (up to 900 gr/mq), fabrics like cotton/ polyester/ canvas, latex Teflon and silicone impregnated materials, mesh, Kristal and many more
  4. PERSONALIZED SETTINGS according to the type of media. You can storage up to 39 different recipes
  5. EASY TO USE: the user-friendly touch screen control panel allows to easily set the working parameters




In order to complete the finishing and the installation process of PVC or fabric sheets some additional actions or accessories are needed.

To hang a PVC tarpaulin (such as an advertising tarpaulin or a truck tarpaulin) you will have to apply along its perimeter plastic or metal eyelets with an punching machine. There are on the market automatic or manual machines depending on the production volume. The cloth will then be fixed to the support with hooks of various types such as S hooks, basket hooks, rubber tension cord.