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"With the Easy Lite Wi-Fi laminator we are able to control the pressure with the outmost precision!"  

GMT srl is an Italian company specialized in the production of road and vertical signs, company safety signs, shopping mall signs and much more.

Recently the company has set up a new temperature-controlled laboratory, equipped with the most advanced and efficient equipment for large format digital printing for the production of road signs, signs in general, labels, stickers, advertising banners and graphic items.

Most of these equipment are connected to the company network and to the management system according to Industry 4.0 directives.


Easy Lite Wi-Fi laminator and Industry 4.0

In this context, the new Easy Lite Wi-Fi laminator, designed for Industry 4.0, has been installed and works in combination with the OKI 4.0 printer, with 7 heads with eco-friendly ink solvent with very high colour rendering and high durability, to print on Orafol reflective film and produce vertical road signs.

"The production process that involves the combination of the printing of Orafol films and their relative protection with film laid down with the Easy Lite Wi-Fi laminator has allowed us to obtain the certification of constancy of performance of Bureau Veritas Italia for permanent vertical road signs according to EN 12899-1:2007 directive" says Marco Tuninetti, founding member of GMT srl.


The choice of the Flexa Easy Lite Wi-Fi laminator for vertical road signs

Marco Tuninetti's opinion on the choice of Flexa equipment: "We chose the Easy Lite Wi-Fi laminating machine with remote control for the precision of control of the pressure, a decisive factor for the production of reflective films for road signs!". 

The film used for road signs is thicker than the standard used in the world of graphics and above all has a very strong glue. The road sign must be executed respecting certain criteria of workmanship and resistance to external atmospheric agents, therefore the lamination of reflective material must be done in accordance with certain requirements to obtain the certification.

Regarding the certification, Marco Tuninetti states: "Thanks to the Flexa laminator, we have been certified by Orafol Germany, getting to the German company some working samples that have been carefully examined and checked".


Flexibility and quality thanks to digital printing

The new laboratory of GMT with Industry 4.0 equipment has allowed the company to obtain finished products of excellent workmanship, satisfying customer requests in a short time.

Among the various products there are also adhesive labels of different sizes intended for the world of industry.

In particular, the production of self-adhesive labels measuring 12 x 10 cm positioned in the back of vertical road signs is now carried out internally. It is a printed and laminated adhesive with the Easy Lite Wi-Fi laminator that shows the CE marking in force since 2013, permanent signage index, which must last at least 7 years.