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Trade X ME chooses Flexa for its cutting!

We increased our daily cutting output of PPF film with Miura Plus


"Thanks to Miura Plus, we increased our daily cutting output of PPF film" says Rakesh Nair, Supply Chain Manager at Tradex Middle East.

Tradex ME LLC based in Dubai, is the Middle East's leading provider of innovative solutions for various commercial and industrial sectors, with a focus on the automotive market and industrial maintenance.

Its focus is Automotive After Care with a network of distributors and partner companies in Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, South Africa and Kenya.


Trade X ME needed to cut PPF film into sheets to be used for skin on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The film cuts have different sizes depending on the customer's orders. The PPF is an ultra-transparent polyurethane adhesive film, highly elastic and easily adaptable even on curved surfaces.

As stated by Rakesh Nair : " The company was looking for options to cut PPF into different sizes and Flexa Miura fitted this bill " and he continues: "Since using the Flexa automatic cutter, the company has been able to increase its daily production of cut PPF sheets, thanks to the precision of its optical sensor, which always allows straight cuts without waste of material".


Jacky's, our distributor in the United Arab Emirates, followed the sales and installation of the Miura Plus.