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"Flexadome: it's great for doming labels and methacrylate plates!"

"Flexadome: it's great for doming labels and methacrylate plates", this is what Mauro Tummolo, owner of Tiesse srl, Italy, declares.

Tiesse srl was born as pad printing and screen printing at the end of the 70s and manages to stand out thanks to the continuous search for new solutions and technical applications in the industrial sector (telecommunications, automotive, IT, industrial electronics ...).

The products range includes custom solutions, labels, safety signs and industrial signage.

As for the latter application, Tiesse srl has managed to become a qualified supplier of RFI (Italian Railway Network) to produce railway signs and is now approved for TE Signage, thus extending the range to other railway products.

"Thanks to the Flexadome system we can make methacrylate plates for the Italian railway network. The plate is personalized  by doming the RFI logo, creating a 3D effect and giving the product a touch of elegance and quality", says Mauro Tummolo.

"We also produce many domed labels that are applied in industrial and fitness equipment. We find the Flexadome system very innovative, especially with regard to the use of single-component resin. It is always ready to use, does not require any mixing of components and once opened it can be stored for up to 9 months. In addition, the drying time in the oven is very fast, about 10-12 minutes, resulting for us in a big saving of time and money!".


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