FESPA 2020- Madrid - Spain
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Flexa will be present at next Fespa 2020, that will take place this year in Madrid, Spain from 24 to 27 March 2020.

This year we will be focused on the even better performance of the XY automatic cutting machines.

The MIURA PLUS HD, designed to work with wide-format printers using semi-jumbo rolls, will be equipped with the slim lengthwise cutters. They have been developed to make the cutting very closed to the edge of the printed media by saving in this way material.

Another new feature will be the pull out waste collection bag: it is mounted on guides and designed to collect big quantity of waste, always keeping the working area clean.

The collecting tables of the automatic XY cutters have been improved to help the operator to speed up the finishing process thanks to the inclination and height adjustments. Especially with the STACKER model, the motorized table with four telescopic legs, will be possible to stack automatically the cut material thanks to a new kit of the automatic cutter. This kit allows to cancel the memory effect of the paper so that the cut material arrives on the table perfectly cut, not bended, ready to be unloaded from the table.

The laminators will have the new feature, the rear table with cutting unit will be available for all hot and cold LAMINATORS. This optional has a renovated structure and new cutters that will assure an even better cutting of the edge of the laminated roll. Lamination and cutting in one machine: an ideal combination to save time and money!


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You can fidn us on HALL 7 - STAND D70