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Automatic XY cutter for wallpaper with vertical cutting correction. It combines horizontal and vertical cutting from roll to sheets with fast pinpoint precision.

The innovative automatic vertical cutting correction offers absolute accuracy and legendary speed performance .

The sensor achieves a reading accuracy of 0.05 mm, ideal for cutting wallpaper, for perfect joints of the patterns.

Also, the fine positioning of the cutting blades allows a high-quality finish cut. A detail that makes the cut even more precise!

The automatic cutter is also suitable for  many other flexible media rolls.


  • Combined horizontal and vertical cutting for the fastest finish of your rolls
  • Maximum precision thanks to the edge control that reads the line longitudinally printed along the entire length of the roll. Result: perfect joints of pattern and designs on the wall
  • Zero mistakes and no waste of material thanks to the reading accuracy of the sensor of 0,05 mm
  • High performing: it cuts one roll of 50 meters in less than 5 minutes
  • Each lengthwise cutter has the fine positioning of the cutting blades for micro adjustments of the blades 
  • The lengthwise rotary crush cutters are safe for the operator, last for 100's of thousands of cuts with low costs of maintenance. No need of special cleaning after cutting adhesive media as they create a “dry,” non-sticky edge   
  • 3 operation modes: 1. crop mark, 2. custom (sheeting); 3. manual. Miura can trim different lenghts from the same printed roll
  • Intuitive set up parameters thanks to the user-friendly LCD touch screen control panel
  • Long term reliability and safety combined with low maintenance costs
  • Ready to use, no need of air compressor
  • Smart Remote Service: Miura can be connected to the internet network for remote assistance, for fast and efficient diagnostics




  • Wallpaper
  • Paper - Also laminated or encapsulated
  • Vinyl & self adhesive vinyl
  • Backlit & frontlit display
  • Reflective material
  • PVC banner (up to 900 gr/m2 - 27 oz./ya2)
  • Magnetic rubber
  • Polycarbonate (film)
  • Canvas & polyester (with liner)
  • Many more...

Miura Wallpaper

Automatic XY cutting machine for wallpaper

Miura Wallpaper Technical Specs

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Working width 1650 mm (65 in.)
Feeding speed 1 - 30 m/min. (3 - 98 ft./min.)
Usable cutting units Max. 8 (3 included)
Cross cutting speed 5 - 120 m/min. (16 - 393 in./min.)
Max. roll diameter Ø 300 mm (12 in.)
Max. roll weight 60 kg (132 lb.)
Power Supply 230 V - 50 Hz - 650 W
Dimensions (W x L x H) 2460 x 1000 x 1330 mm (96 x 39 x 52 in.)
Packing dimensions (W x L x H) 2650 x 1150 x 1650 mm (104 x 45 x 65 in.)
Weight 415 kg (881 lbs.)
Packing weight 500 kg (1102 lbs.)